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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Peter Rauhofer

I have often sung the praises -- right here on this blog, in fact -- of Peter Rauhofer as a remixer and producer. He truly is one of the bright lights in the dance-music business. So, I was stunned to read this news today in Metro Weekly:

Hundreds of Peter Rauhofer's fans expressed well wishes for the famed dance music producer and DJ after it was announced that he is suffering from a "large brain tumor." His manager, Angelo, wrote today:

As Peter Rauhofer's manager and dear friend for many years, it is my sad duty to announce that Peter was rushed to the emergency room several weeks ago. After confirming that Peter had a seizure, further testing has revealed a large brain tumor, something that has gone undiagnosed for quite some time.
At this time, Peter's family is working closely with a team of talented Neurologists to determine the overall best treatment option. Please be assured that he is getting the absolute finest care possible, twenty-four hours a day.
Rauhofer is known for his prolific career as a remix producer for top-talent singers like Madonna, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and many others. He also released original recordings under the name Club 69 and the label Star 69. He has performed as DJ at some of the world's biggest gay clubs and other dance parties including Washington, D.C.'s Cherry events.

I recently raved about the work Rauhofer did on Adele's "Skyfall," Tori Amos' "Flavor" and Toni Braxton's "I Heart You" (all Billboard dance-chart hits) on more than one blog post. Peter continues to be an iconic influence and an inspiration, and he has helped set a standard for quality remixes.

Buddy Beaverhausen wishes Peter Rauhofer the best in his hospitalization, and for his recovery. Today's club music world uniformly echoes that sentiment.

One of my eternal Rauhofer favorites; a production for Club 69. Diva! featuring Kim Cooper:

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