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Friday, May 17, 2013

Michael Musto Moves On

Crier au scandale!

I was quite surprised to hear that Michael Musto, among other seasoned staff writers, was laid off by The Village Voice. Maybe not such a smart move on the paper's part as Musto's column is one of the reasons a lot of people check that rag. Why, Musto's gossip column, La Dolce Musto, is such a prominent feature in the Voice, it was stirring up fictitious trouble just last week on Smash!

I first started reading Musto back when he wrote the nightlife column for the Soho Weekly News before he moved to The Village Voice in 1984.

Michael Musto, I truly only see this as liberation for you. You can write your own ticket and move on to bigger and better things, I am certain. As Sybil Bruncheon posted on your Facebook page: "We all look forward to the new and even more fabulous Michael Musto coming our way!!!"

Truly, you were much to good for the current Voice, dahling! Their latest lay-offs only take them further into irrelevancy.  But you? As hep as ever.

1 comment:

  1. No reason to pick up that rag again. Live on, Michael Musto! You are as New York as Ed Koch was!