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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Subway Poem # 23

The Fecund Air

from the fecund air of spring
to the underground in the morning
my emotions are constrained
and everybody's yawning

spring has sprung! spring has sprung!
why can't anybody seem to realize?
where are the dewy smiles of Life
sunshine kissed and fragranced?

why so glum? so ho-hum?
glazed, hazed eyes surround me
as if unaware of the season
wake up, i want to say...
   like a blossom,
   like a flower,
   like birds in a tree
and from the underground,
   push up!
      you're a flower
   rise up!
      you're a tree
you're a miracle of life
it's spring!
   like a bird
like a canary from a cavern
back to life
in the sun,
in the fecund air
of springtime

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