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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Engin33r: My First Guest Blogger

Hello, everyone. I'm chilling for Labor Day weekend. I turned things over to The Engin33r to discuss hip hop and LGBT issues. Enjoy, and have a safe and fabulous Memorial Day weekend! ~~ Dj Buddy B

I've gotta say it must be hard to be a gay hip hop fan. BTW, I gave DJ Buddy the day off, my name is Tristan aka The Engin33r and I’ll be your guest blogger! I want to talk to you about something that is near and dear to my heart. Finally, hip hop seems to be catching up with the times.

Let’s be real, mainstream hip hop is notoriously misogynistic, and isn’t really known for being accepting of LGBT people in general. That isn’t to say that there aren’t any gay rappers, they just are encouraged by major labels to stay in the closet. If you want to be popular in mainstream hip hop, you gotta be a misogynist, talk about all your money, maybe slap a ‘hoe’ or two…

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are a great example of what REAL hip hop is all about.  I’ll give you a moment to grab a tissue after that song, I know I needed one.  These guys aren’t alone. Gay hip hop fans finally have a wide selection of artists not willing to use the ‘f’ word.  A lot of hip hop stations are banning the use of 'gay' as a synonym for "the lesser."

There are even some gay hip hop artists coming out of the underground. Lester Greene, Johnny Makeup, QBoy… just to name a few. There is a sub genre of hip hop called 'LGBT hip hop' (also lovingly known as homo hop).  [Loving that term ~~ Buddy B]

Obviously we have a lot of work to do in hip hop (and in society in general) for the acceptance of all people, but I just wanted you to know that the hip hop community is making strides. If you are looking for some good hip hop, feel free to check out our production company, Ashy to Jazzy Productions. The music we produce is uplifting and encourages acceptance of all people. 

I want to give a big thanks to Dj Buddy Beaverhausen for allowing me to post on such a prestigious blog! We are truly blessed to be some of the few people who can make money from blogging! [I can? So far, it's all love. ~~ Buddy B] If you want to hear more about my blog,, just click the link!  And if you liked this article, please stop by my page and say hello! 

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