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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pier Dance Divas: Do You Believe in Cher after Deborah Cox?

This morning, it became clear what I'd be doing this year at New York City's LGBT Pride Day (the original). It was announced on Cher's official Facebook Page that the diva would be performing at the annual pier dance. O! M! G! Drop everything and order a ticket! That's what I told myself and, honeys, that's just what I did!

When Heritage of Pride announces its annual events (including the March, known by many as the Parade, now that it includes floats, marching bands and on-the-street merchandising), it includes information about the Pier Dance. So we know who the Djs are, we know the start and end times, we know the fabulous, climactic fireworks from a barge off the Hudson River will be back. But it's not until the event draws near that the live appearance by the diva -- always a gay icon -- is announced.  Whitney Houston appeared one year! Janet Jackson! Martha Wash! Madonna! You just never know until the last minute. This year, a double-diva delight: Cher, promoting her new album, and Deborah Cox!

So I'll be there, I'll be queer, they'll be fabulous. Originally, I just thought I'd go into the City from Bay Ridge and watch the Parade until I got bored (GayDD setting in). Now, I think I'll go in late for my date with the Divas! This is the 27th year of Dance on the Pier, again serving as the official closing to NYC Pride's official events. Hudson River Park’s Pier 26 in TriBeCa is the new home for this event; entrance at North Moore and West Streets. Do you Believe it?

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