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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Under the Headphones, Heading for Pride

It's Gay Pride week and I look forward to Sunday on the Tribeca Pier with Cher. And Deborah Cox. So, what's on my turntables in the meanwhile? Today, I have three promo mixes for performers with big gay fan bases: Pet Shop Boys, Kylie and, of course, Cher. Let me discuss how they fared with me.

But first, let me first mention a fourth promo with mixes of "Sunshine" by A Boy Called George. (Yes, it's Boy George's (aka George O'Dowd's) music-producer name.) Vocals are by Sharlene Hector. This is a diva-sampled (from "Sunshine Into My Life"), upbeat house tune reminiscent of '90s clubland, guaranteed to, at least, get you to the floor. "You bring the Sunshine into my life...." Yes, it's perfect for summer and Pride but kind of throwaway as the vocal sampling and, ultimately, musical arrangement become monotonous, going nowhere, both in the Original Mix (7 minutes) and more high-octane My Digital Enemy Remix (5:21).  Still, the Original Mix is not such a bad way to open or close a set, though this is absolutely not for peak time.

We can always depend on the Pet Shop Boys to supply eloquence of lyrics to an electro beat, getting very very vocal on "Vocal." This number is from the Boys' new album, Electric, produced by the duo and Stuart Price, on the PSB's new UK label. Album's original high-NRG mix, clocking in at 6 1/2 minutes, is very satisfying indeed.

While Rektchordz's mix takes it deeper, it pounds like a migraine. WaWa mix is somewhat more successful. And the Ivan Gomez & Nacha Chapado effort is pure remix cacophony. Stick to the album mix for now with this one.

While Kylie Minogue advises you to work your "Skirt'" in her poptabulous manner, you better take her up on it. Probably not as hot as her last international club hit, "Time Bomb," but still quality stuff. Slew of remixes; best undoubtedly by Mark Picciotti, who always knows how to deliver and rarely disappoints. And he sure knows when to bring in the cowbell!

It's been famously said that, after a nuclear blast, the only things left would be cockroaches and Cher. Tell the truth! I am so anticipating the performance by the new grande dame of disco, whose latest album, Closer to the Truth, will be released in September. Now available for pre-order on-line (  Very solid, originally designed as a hiNRG dancefloor (and radio) almost sure-fire hit, written by Matt Morris, Paul Oakenfold and Anthony Crawford. R3Hab remix is very good but too short. Nice trancey touch by Danny Verde. But the definitive official mix so far is Tracy Young's Ferosh re-work. Hey, it's a woman's world!

The short version of Tracy Young's edit of "Woman's World" below:

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