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Monday, July 1, 2013

On the Pier with Cher ... and Hot Cox

I squeezed into the throng of sweaty gay men on the TriBeCa pier yesterday, immediately picking up on the smell of testosterone and Calvin Kline's Eternity, and just in time for Deborah Cox to appear. I was so far from the stage and yet the acoustics were excellent, thankfully. It's difficult to get a good view of the pier diva, despite the elevated stage, when one's vertically challenged and standing behind some towering heads and shoulders.

Ms Cox was in great voice and gave, virtually, a full concert of about a dozen numbers, including "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here," "Absolutely Not" and "If It Wasn't for Love." I did manage to see the diva was in a spangly silver top with white hotpants and a pair of white scarves to her back, fluttering in the breeze off the Hudson, looking befittingly fierce. Follow that, bitch! She had flung down the gauntlet.
The boys were thumping, fists were pumping (in the air, of course). Packed like sardines, it was impossible not to feel some bumps and grinds, both unintended and deliberate, and things turned touchy-feely in the crowd at times. I twirled through a few dance partners, some shirtless, armpits in my face but, hey, this is what I signed on for. I even got a phone number during this swirl, all the while being entertained by Cox. Ms Cox I mean.

When I previously informed Dr Spinelli I was going to the Pier Dance this year, he warned, typically, "Be safe!" Safe? At my age? What could I do that's not safe?! Experiment with crystal meth at this point in my life? Get too drunk? (I mean, you have no idea how long I stood on line to get one single cold beer during that whole concert!) Do poppers? (I did smell amyl nitrate along with the Eternity and, honestly, it lowers blood pressure (amyl; not the Calvin Kline cologne).) The worse that could happen to me nowadays would be slipping a disk or breaking a hip from too much booty shaking!

And then there was Cher! Yes, the Diva of Divas, finally at the LGBT Pier Dance in NYC! We were so aglow at her grand arrival onstage, some big dude actually gave me a big bear hug. You could almost smell the euphoria -- yes, along with the Eternity (and I could smell that big bear's natural scents; no Calvin). 

Cher was introduced by none other than Whoopi Goldberg (a complete surprise). The eternal pop goddess opened with her gay-favorite club hit, "Strong Enough" from the Believe album. The 67-year-old diva then followed that up with her mega-hit, "Believe," and ended with the single off her new album, "It's a Woman's World." She appeared in a white and gold fitted suit and a long red wig.
She had just the three-song set that left some wondering if her act was Long Enough. But, as for myself, I had no problem as I left during the fireworks with a big smooch from a handsome stranger. It was a great Pride weekend and I went home with a happy face on. Thank you, Cher, Cox and all the big boys.

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  1. Amazing. Thanks for the news for those of us who couldn't be there.