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Friday, July 12, 2013

Russia: Dance Your Pain Away with Dj Buddy Beaverhausen

"This is not a good time for gays in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia or — presumably — other parts of the former Soviet Union," said the Dallas Voice today. "The glasnost, or openness, that was supposed to come with the breakup of the megastate has faded on many fronts. Not the least of them is the freedom for which LGBT people had hoped and planned."

I am concerned for many of my readers in those countries, and wish them the best through these dark and troubling times. Remember, you have support globally, my friends!

AmericBlog stated: "Vladimir Putin’s Russia continues its decline into third world dictatorship and despotism today with the passage of legislation in the lower house (the State Duma) which bans the public display of anything pro-gay, including words.

"The law would also permit the government to jail foreign visitors for up to two weeks before throwing them out of the country." Jail! Isn't deportation enough already?!

Well, now, Mother Russia's a Mutha Fucka! And isn't this a violation of human rights? International law? The timing of this homophobic persecution, of course, came shortly after the US Supreme Court's historic decision on gay marriage. Holy hysteria, Batman!

So, kindly cancel my vacation plans to visit Vladivostok for the time being. I shall boycott Beluga! So long, Stoli! Down with Putin and up with pettin'!

If short-term memory serves me (doesn't always), I think Russia recently sued Lady Gaga and Madonna for making pro-gay statements. THAT is the last straw!

Even domestically in the States, the dark forces gather to oppose the Supremes' decision. Indiana just passed a law. On July 1 of next year, same-sex couples applying for a marriage license in that state will have  committed a felony punishable by 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine. (Hey, Texas Senate was confiscating women's Tampons today! Bloody hell! ps: handguns are permitted. Cancel my plans to visit that state! (Oh, wait, I had none!))

But we shall overcome, my friends.

I offer my readers this song. We are one! And we will be victorious in our civil rights struggle. As for right now: Dance Your Pain Away with this hot 7th Heaven remix of the new Agnetha Faltskog song posted below.

Love you all! Peace, Love, Happiness, Justice, let's work for a Better Tomorrow and -- most of all -- hold on to your Pride!

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