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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Splash: Good to the Last Drop

Another landmark Chelsea gay club closes it doors, sadly, on August 10. It seems I just reported on the closing of the equally iconic Rawhide bar.

Such memories of swirling and twirling on Splash's dance floor with friends! My late dj pal, Louis Morhaim (who owned and operated the vinyl/cd dance-music store, Heartbeat, in Greenwich Village) played there & invited me into the dj booth to show me how he had to pee in an empty bottle of spring water so as not to leave during his set.

The front bar has played Dj Buddy's promo-only cds, I'm proud to say.

And, God, I saw the late, legendary Loleatta Holloway there, live! Linda Clifford! Martha Wash! Cyndi Lauper! Kylie Minogue! Gloria Estefan! Amongst so many more.

The first economized, more intimate disco in gay Manhattan, it was the 1991 answer to the older, outmoded superclubs like The Saint and Studio 54. Still, it was a nice, two-floor set-up that was fun and easy to traverse. For a while, there was a tiny booth that sold Splash merchandise, including cds I would routinely purchase.

Might Splash open at another locale? The note written above suggests it might. But, in his interview with the current issue of Next, the owner seems to want to divorce himself from it.

A friend told me that he recently went to the club's well-established Musical Mondays at the downstairs bar. That has always been a popular get-together to watch videos of clips from musical movies and from the stage.

I passed the club tonight and it was festooned outside with blue balloons.

We'll miss you, Splash!

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