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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's Love Got to Do with Tina Turner?

Pop music legend Tina Turner decided to throw in the towel and marry her beau of 27 years, Erwin Bach. After being married to Ike, I can understand her desire for a long engagement. She wouldn't want to end up with another guy who's going force her to eat pound cake. (Actually, I might like that in a man!) Or just be tied down to your typical male!

Groom-to-be Bach once declared, regarding his relationship with the Queen of Rock, "We don't need a marriage to be together. Some people need that security thing, but I think if you're internally happy with your partner, you don't need symbols." They may now need cymbals, however, as I understand it's to be a Buddhist celebration at their home on the banks of Lake Zurich, on Sunday. I wonder if this means Tina's pregnant! Or if they just thought they'd rake in a lot of great gifts! (You can never have too many toasters, coffee pots or -- the wedding being in Switzerland -- fondue sets, in my humble opinion.)

Erwin Bach is a German record exec. He and Ms Turner met in London at a record label party. Isn't that all rock'n'roll romantic? All art and industry and love? All international glam? It so beats meeting on Craig's List.

Tina is 73 and Bach 57. It's a bitch when shacking up with a 57-year-old is considered robbing the cradle, I imagine. But you can't always be proud, Marys, take it from me. Good for Tina, I say!

I wonder if the bride will sing "Let's Stay Together" at her wedding ceremony, or if it will be just a lot of  Buddhist chanting passed off as entertainment along with the salmon, Swiss cheese and Wasa crackers? In any case, I wish Tina simply The Best! She's earned and deserves her happiness.

So, it's Bach to the future for Tina Turner (nee Anna Mae Bullock). Tina, baby, I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine!

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