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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dj Buddy B's Billboard News ~ week ending 8/24/13

Interesting developments on the Dance/Club music top-25 on Billboard (week ending August 24, 2013), especially at top and bottom where our focus will be today.

Cher's "A Woman's World," which peaked at #1 two weeks ago, holds steady in 10th place this outing. Kat DeLuna's "Stars" heavenly at #2; Kylie's "Skirt" swirling in third place. Plumb's "Need You Now" upwardly mobile at #5.

The great UK groups from the '80s, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boy, have survived and even flourished through the ensuing decades and, may I add, they are as musically relevant today as they've ever been. At #7, "Soothe My Soul" by Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys at #8 with "Vocal," both tunes seeming to be headed upward still.

At #22, the 2013 remixes of the John Lennon-produced "Walking on Thin Ice" (another echo of the '80s), sung by Yoko Ono, are skating upward. Ms Ono turned 80 this past February. Disco divas are forever! Excellent remix work, especially by Dave Aude and Ralphi Rosario.

All hail Lady Bunny as she cracks the Top 25, in the 25th spot but upwardly mobile, with producer Wayne Numan's "Take Me Up High."

That's it for this week; we'll revisit next. To my friends and readers all over the world, it's all about love, peace and disco. Boycott the Russian Olympics! We love our gay Russian comrades. Unite on the dancefloor!

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