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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Toxic Brooks

La La Brooks will not let up on her obsession with Darlene Love. I think Blah-Blah "Babbling" Brooks should seriously start trying to productively, constructively and positively work on reviving her own career (after all, she has a new single she could be promoting instead of talking shit). Here's tonight's Facebook post via our Ms Brooks, verbatim.

It's beyond the pall, don't you think?

Hi Facebook Family,
I cannot express my gratitude enough to you guys who are backing me for the truth. I know that a lot of the same people who care about me also care about Darlene Love. I hate to keep repeating myself (I don't have dementia lol), but remember that I was a big admirer of Darlene when I'd be flown out to California to put down my tracks at GoldStar Recording Studios.
I can think back now and see The Blossoms going into the studio. I was googly-eyed over them. Fanita and Gloria would be very open-arms to me; I can remember that clearly as I think about it now. Darlene was definitely not as friendly; there was an aloofness about her. I was the one making over her while she sort of "patted me on the head" almost in a condescending manner. But it didn't matter to me at the time; I was just a teenager who was in awe of this person.
But for me to see the sickness in her today is unbelievable. I would bet my last dollar that the people around her know that she is a little loony to continue to promote these crazy assertions regarding my song. Interestingly, Darlene was trying to do the same thing with Tina Turner's "River Deep Mountain High."
She performed RDMH in the Broadway play, "Leader of the Pack" and recorded it on the soundtrack album. Over the subsequent years, she would sing this song in her live performances. And over many years of performing the song, she tried to burn it into the public's mind so that they would ultimately believe her lie that Phil had intended for that song to be hers. And it was not meant to be hers. Phil wanted Tina to sing that song. Unfortunately, if people don't do their research, it becomes very easy for them to be duped into believing that which is not true.
I think that Darlene Love has always had to lean on someone else to be successful. Anything she perceives as being potentially successful, she will grab onto in an attempt to gain success for herself. If you put a sign around a sewer rat's behind which said "You'll be a star in my underground show," she would follow him. She'll attach herself to anything and especially to anyone who she thinks might bring her any level of perceived success. Ironically, her song in the new movie is "Lean On Me" when in fact, she leans on everybody else.
Darlene's greatest success stories are the people who she claims wanted to sleep with her including the likes of Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke; and now, only two days ago, she's added Danny Glover to the list.
She could never talk about being on tour with Dick Clark and all the other artists with whom we, The Crystals, traveled in this country and abroad. True, Darlene was on Shindig for two years, but she was on the show as a background singer and didn't interact with the artists to the extent that we did on tours, seeing and traveling with them night after night after night as professional performers.
Darlene has also proven herself to be a very adept liar. For example, after Whitney Houston died, Darlene jumped into the media, expressing that she was Whitney's godmother. She told this to many sources. Some of these sources began wondering why Darlene claimed this when it had been widely reported that Aretha Franklin was her godmother. At some point, reporters were getting curious about how Darlene came to be Whitney's godmother as it had never been mentioned prior to her death.
Darlene was put on the spot during one interview as she was asked about this.
She explained that she was the second godmother to Whitney. This is the story which she told: "One day I was visiting Cissy Houston and Whitney Houston was running around. She was about eight years old. I said, 'You're so cute. I want to be your godmother.' " End of story.
Here's another story. She was on the Wendy Williams show. Darlene spoke about the men who had tried to sleep with her. Wendy said, "Oh, you have two daughters. How do they feel about that?" Darlene laughed a little and answered the question. The incredible thing here is that Darlene does not have any daughters. She has three sons. I couldn't believe that when Wendy had mentioned her daughters, Darlene didn't correct her; she didn't even mention that she had any sons at all.
I think that Darlene must have always wanted daughters. I remember that we both had attended the funeral of Estelle Bennett, Ronnie Spector's sister. I had brought some photos of my kids to show Nedra Talley Ross (the third Ronette and first cousin of the other two) as I hadn't seen her in years. I was showing the pictures and Darlene was there and she saw them also. The photos showed my daughters holding my granddaughters. Darlene said passionately, "I always wanted daughters." So that's how I knew that she was lying on the Wendy Williams show.
So I think you all can see that Darlene has shown a pattern of lying. She not only lies about my song but also about other things.
How can you believe a liar?
There will never be an excuse about how Darlene perpetuates the lie regarding my song, "Da Doo Ron Ron" and how she attempts to rewrite history. I will not give up in fight to rectify this injustice.

Love you all, La La

Good God almighty! Enough already. Lalala, I can't hear you any more...!

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