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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Will & Grace

It's the 15th Anniversary of the now-classic tv sitcom, Will & Grace, groundbreaking in many ways. What a divine cast! I miss this series. It brought me so much joy and I think it is underestimated for the way it made "Middle America" understand that gay people are just people like everyone else.

Debra Messing went on to be a smash on "Smash" (never forget). Megan Mullally's  Karen is a classic sitcom scene-stealer, Sean Hayes has a new tv series this season ("Like Father, Like Daughter") and Eric McCormack remains one of my Top 5 Most Fabulous Men and was great on Broadway in The Best Man.

I loved going down to Florida and watching reruns with my mom on late-night tv. She especially loved Jack (Sean Hayes). And I think the show assured her of how secure and safe my life was in NYC with my own circle of friends.

Late in Will & Grace's run, the club remix (below) came out. I still adore it. Please check out this video:

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