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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh, Toni, You're So Fine! Happy Birthday, Toni Basil!

Toni Basil (Antonia Basilotta) was born in Philly, PA. Her mom was an acrobatic comedian in her family's act, Billy Wells and The Four Fays. Toni became a cheerleader in her teen years after her family had moved to L.A.

A professional dancer since childhood, she became assistant choreographer and dancer on tv's Shindig and the classic rock movie, The TAMI Show. She choreographed David Bowie's Diamond Dogs tour in '74 and his Glass Spider Tour in '87. She choreographed Bette Midler in the film, The Rose, and worked with Miss Midler up through her Showgirl Must Go On tour.

She had a major recording career in the 1980s and had roles in the movies Easy Rider and Five Easy Pieces.

Ms Basil's personal life has always been kept very private. She is an Emmy Award winner and best known for her single, "Mickey," which is installed in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. She turns 70 today.

I especially love her club hit off her second and final album, "Over My Head."


  1. 70? really?? I can't believe it!

  2. Neither can I. Still looking great from what I see.