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Friday, September 27, 2013

On My Turntables Sept. 27, 2013

Kristine W's back with a new club number that has "HIT" written all over it. You'll drop your cosmos, dahlings, and head straight to the disco floor when Ms W belts out "SoClosetoMe." This is outstanding diva-driven club music the way it always should be. She has a slew of fab remixers, my faves being the Todd Terry Main Mix, especially, and the Tony Moran Destination Club Mix.

Another fab diva returns with a Whitney cover that's tops. Ms Barbara Tucker joins producers The Cube Guys for "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." Cube Guys' original version is pumpin' with poz energy, but you can't get better than David Morales' Pride Anthem Mix. Does the name of this mix tell you where he's going to take us? You won't be able to sit this one out, believe me.

Miley Cyrus, "Wrecking Ball." Holy Hannah Montana, did she get our attention at the MTV Video Music Awards with her performance! As I've said before, the Paul Ruiz remix was fantastic.  Many of the dance mixes out are not as successful; just a bunch of busy noise. The Edson Pride/Sweet Beatz Project remix isn't bad, but I'll stick with Ruiz if I really feel the need to spin this.

Gabry Ponte's Funk & Love do-over of "I Will Survive" is a great, respectful  remix of Gloria Gaynor's eternal classic. Probably not for peak hour but maintains the integrity of the song that will definitely draw people to the floor, plus full of both Funk and Love as promised by its remix title.

Disco most certainly is still in style if UK"s Irish Colleens, The Saturdays, have named their latest song "Disco Love," although the song is more HiNRG in style rather than disco. Fave mix: Starlab Disco Club Mix. Runner-up: Wideboys Extended Mix. In any event, a catchy tune from the dance-music girl group.

Buddy B thanks my blog's audience in the US, of course, but also in the Ukraine, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Romania, Russia, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, and welcome Bangladesh! Take to the dancefloors, share the music, let unity and love, peace and harmony take over our planet. We are one world! SoClose.

Attached below, the original mix of Kristine W's "SoClosetoMe." (And dig those back-up vocals!)

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