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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Holly Woodlawn!

The 67-year-old Warhol superstar, Ms Holly Woodlawn, shares a birthday with John Waters superstar Divine. Today, we wish Holly a Happy!

Born Haroldo Santiago Franceschi Rodriguez Danhakl in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico, she took her stage name as a mash-up of Holly Golightly and Woodlawn Cemetery.  After changing her name, she told people she was the heiress to the famed NY graveyard. Holly grew up in Miami.

Holly is immortalized in the Lou Reed song, "Walk on the Wild Side." ("Holly came from Miami, F-L-A.") Meeting Andy Warhol at The Factory, she joined Jackie Curtis and Candy Darling as part of his groundbreaking transgender/drag queen ensemble. Holly co-starred in Warhol's "Trash" and "Women in Revolt." She also appeared in the non-Warhol films, "Scarecrow in a Garden of Cucumbers," in which Bette Midler sang a song called "In The Very Last Row," and "Is There Sex After Death?" She also appeared in the indy film, "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss" starring pre-"Will & Grace" Sean Hayes.

In 1991, Ms Woodlawn published the memoir, A Low Life in High Heels, which I adore to this day.

Holly currently resides in West Hollywood and frequently does cabaret shows around the world.

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