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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nick Lion's Love Godess -- the Remixes

The remix e.p. for Nick Lion's "Love Goddess," sung by Sir Ari Gold,
is handsomely packaged from its cover art to its incredible liner notes that are beyond informative; they are both passionate and touching. This project is obviously a labor of love and it feels that way when you're listening.

From Steve Sola (The Gentlemen Prefer Blondes original radio mix) comes a very smooth and classy handling of this song. You can concentrate on the sensitive yet catchy lyrics (song written by Mr Lion and Paul Errico) that I found touching. They also made me grin. The chorus provides a distinguishable hook for this song. Sola's Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend mega club mix, however, is an upbeat potential floor-filler.

Paul Errico's The Blonde Bombshell pop dance mix is another appealing radio-friendly remix. However, I was particularly fond of Minoo's Iconic Skirt Blowing Up mix (in radio and dance floor edits). Very hiNRG. It made me get off my ass and werq my body in my apartment tonight. (No mean feat!)

Jared Jones also provides an excellent make-you-wanna-move remix, as well, with his Some Like It Hotter radio and dance club mixes that have subtle Latin touches. Unfortunately, Steve Hernandez' Something's Gotta Give "Naked Club Mix" is a trancey, spacy re-work that's more of a dub mix jettisoning the integrity of the original song as well as those apparently "bothersome" lyrics. It's the only remix that falls flat on this e.p.

Ari Gold's voice is perfectly suitable for this material, by the way; a match made in disco heaven.

The "Love Goddess" remix cd is available @

And please check out my exclusive Q&A with Nick Lion:

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