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Monday, November 18, 2013

Dj Buddy B Blows His Own

...Horn, of course, like that Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Well, anyhow, now that I have your collective attention, I just want to announce -- because I'm not sure everyone realizes at this point -- that I am not only a blogueur (or is it blogueuse? Damned French, it confuses moi! Zoot alors!) but also a member of the press these days! Yes, I am writing for Queens Our City Radio, part of the Our City internet radio network, as their Dance (Music) Promoter. 

Ah, the glitz! The glamour! Why, you can hardly imagine and neither can I! But listen up, people! Here are some of my posts heating up QOC this cold holiday season.
Check out Queens Our City Radio and circumnavigate like Magellan; explore, discover new worlds, go bi-coastal and enjoy yourselves in the process! For example, Chris Colby, Dance Music Personality at QOC, has a fabulous Friday night 10 pm mix show you party animals won't want to ignore, trust me.

Monumental thanks & lots of love to Barbara Sobel of Sobel Promotions with her own dance-music background who "discovered" me (again, the Magellan analogy) and transported me from Leave It to Beaverhausenland to Queens Our City world. I'm very thrilled to be a part of this internet station. In fact, I'm qvelling! It's more than just a radio station; it's a happening! It's a movement! Get into the groove.

Here are some of my recent posts at Queens Our City Radio you won't want to miss (if you know what's better for you):

France Joli ~ Exclusive Interview:

Victor Po - Exclusive Interview:


Joan Crawford:

Marc Massive - Exclusive Interview:

Petula Clark:

Lady Gaga:

Donna Summer:

And you're waiting for what? This is already a written invitation!

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