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Friday, November 1, 2013

Turn Back Time

"If I Could Turn Back Time," Cher sings. Well, not only can you, it will be incumbent upon you if you're living in North America and want to stay in step with everyone else. This Sunday, at the stroke of 2 a.m. in whichever time zone you reside, clocks go back an hour in all areas observing Daylight Saving Time. (The states of Arizona and Hawaii, for example, do not take part in this time change.)

So it's through the Time Tunnel once again for the bi-annual happening. Club people, that means an extra hour on the dancefloor if your local bar/club/lounge hours extend past 2:00 in the morning! Djs might prepare for the added 60 minutes in their sets for Saturday night. All non-digital clocks need to be set manually, if that's not already perfectly obvious.

And, of course, if you happen to be home Saturday night, you can get that "extra" hour of sleep!

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