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Monday, December 2, 2013

Pope Francis: Club Bouncer!

How cool is our new Pope? How down to Earth (no offense, as he is a mortal representative, after all)!

Today, His Holiness let us know he is not holier than thou by any stretch! In fact, he was once a bouncer at a Buenos Aires club! I mean, I think of him laying his hands on as a healer, not a big bruiser. But, hey, today he let us know he's a lover and a fighter. Kind of like St Peter at the Pearly Gates, denying access to heaven to sinners as I see it.

BuzzFeed reports: "After celebrating mass with the church of San Cirillo Alessandrino, the pope chatted with parishioners and said that his work removing troublemakers from clubs as a bouncer helped teach him how to bring people back into the church when he became a priest.

"Although the pope’s past job as a bouncer was first reported by Gazetta del Sud and [UK's] The Telegraph back in March, this is the first time that Pope Francis has spoken about it publicly since ascending to the papacy. As a teenager, the pope also worked as an assistant in a chemical laboratory."

Well, hello, pugilist Papi!

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