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Friday, February 28, 2014

Back to the Bistros with Buddy B

Although the nation will be focused on the Academy Awards on Sunday night, New York City's big night of its glitterati will not be televised. However, Buddy Beaverhausen will tell you all about it as I rub elbows with the NYC cabaret community once again when I attend the Bistro Awards on Tuesday night. I will march forth on March 4th to the big event at the elegant Gotham Comedy Club in Chelsea, covering the Bistro Awards this year for Queens Our City Radio.

Working the red carpet for the first time this year will be Bistro committee member and Buddy's buddy, Mr Kevin Scott Hall. (Who knows, maybe I'll end up with a brief red carpet moment to share with everyone!) Also, I hope to possibly get a few words from this year's Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Ben Vereen. (Last year, I got to speak to Bistro winner Maurice Hines and we caught on like a house on fire. He was the most down-to-earth celebrity I ever encountered.) Fingers crossed.

I will certainly bring you the best dish, the best blab, the best reportage of this wonderful annual event now in its 29th year. Prior winners who have appeared at the Bistros include Lainie Kazan (an especially outstanding live performance), Melissa Manchester, Dionne Warwick, Tyne Daly, Elaine Stritch, Mitzi Gaynor (who kissed me at Feinstein's one night after her show there; a sublime diva contact high I'll never forget), Cheyenne Jackson (who I wish kissed me) and numerous others.

Sherry Eaker has been producing the Bistros since 1990. "As she did when she was editor [of Backstage magazine], Sherry still sees the importance of recognizing, encouraging, and supporting new and aspiring talent," reads her bio on the Bistro Award website. All true. I know Sherry and she is just a sweetie pie! I was involved with the Bistros last year as Social Media Manager (as I am described in the 2013 playbill for the show) as I then managed the event's Facebook page. Busy now, writing for Our City Radio, I really didn't have enough time to dedicate myself to the Bistros Facebook page this year, though it was a very enjoyable experience for me in 2013.

So, darlings, coming to you from New York, center of the universe, just a little local event full of celebs and local talent: the 29th Annual Bistro Awards. Always such a brilliant, glam night in gay Manhattan. Check it out exclusively at Queens Our City Radio (and on my Leave It to Beaverhausen blog) this coming Wednesday!

Visit the Bistro Awards website:

Buddy B @ the Bistros 2013:

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