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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Go West? The Arizona Issue ~ Part Two

Merv Koehle lived in Arizona in the 1980s, moved back east, then returned with his wife, Tracey, in the 2000s. He explained, "In 1990, the '93 Super Bowl XXVII was originally scheduled to take place in Arizona. However, the Governor at that time, Evan Mecham, cancelled the Martin Luther King Day holiday ["saying that King did not deserve a holiday," according to Wikipedia, "and that black supporters of the law should have been more concerned about getting jobs."]. The NFL consequently pulled out of Arizona and moved Super Bowl XXVII to Pasadena."

Super Bowl XLIX is currently slated for the University of Phoenix in Glendale in 2015. Jan ("The Wicked Witch of the West") Brewer, described by people I know as "bat shit crazy," should decide where she stands on this matter cautiously. She has already expressed sympathy for the so-called "religious freedom" argument the bill uses as an excuse for hatred, discrimination and obstructionism.

I was wondering what people outside the United States think about this very un-American activity of attempted segregation. So, I asked international dance-music diva, children-and-animal-rights activist and friend, Karin Nagi, to share with us her view from Holland.

"I think it is a disgrace that we still have the prejudice outbursts. Don't care what country," Karin replied, frankly. "We are all human beings and have the right to live in peace and harmony on our beautiful Mother Earth. I will never accept any negative remark against about gender, color, nationality or religion. I will fight till my last day for every living being. Justice for all!"

Finally, I asked another dancefloor diva (whose new club tune, "Dominate My Love," is now available on-line) and friend, Amber Dirks, to weigh in on the matter as she and her family reside in Arizona. Here's what Amber told me:

"I feel using religion to try to mask the true reasoning behind this bill -- which is to allow for discrimination -- is unconstitutional. It's truly not only about the LGBT community, while a major part of the hate laced law is, it's about anyone with a business who will be allowed to pass judgements on people for whatever reasoning they deem fit and hide behind religion as the cause. It's a coward's way of trying to get around the law.... 

"This bill is encouraging business owners the right of refusal [to serve anyone] for any reasons. I.e., I walk into a business wearing purple, they can say that color [purple] is against their religion and, for that reason, they can have the right to refuse service! This law will also allow for assumptions beyond a reasonable doubt and this law will protect these business owners to make their assumptions. 

"Arizona is known for trying to make statements against people's rights and it's time for people to stand up against what's wrong, and this is ethically and Biblically wrong!! Last I heard, God is the only power to pass judgements, not man...! Maybe those businesses that oppose this pro-discrimination law should be given the right of refusal of servicing those members of congress, state legislators, etc. that voted to pass this into legislation, and these businesses should be covered by the "Bullying Law" and "Harassment Law" since they are bullying and harassing groups of people... whether gay, straight, orange, yellow, black, brown, clothing choice, shoe choice, car choice, etc. This is 'Unethical', 'Unconstitutional', 'Inhumane', 'Unfathomable' and completely 'Discriminatory' which is against our [nation's] laws and they are using religion to justify this injustice!"

"Arizona's right-to-discriminate bill is drawing fire from Apple, American Airlines, Marriott Hotels, the NFL, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, and both of the state's Republican senators," The Rachel Maddow Show posted on-line today. "So what is Gov. Jan Brewer... going to do?

Jan, we've got the divas on our side, honey. Get a clue.

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