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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In the Mix with Germany’s Dj Andreas Mixgeselle: My Exclusive Q&A

With the kind arrangement of Barbara Sobel, it is my pleasure to conduct this interview with German Dj / Producer Andreas ‘Mixi’ Mixgeselle.  He dj’s an internet mixshow that you can access at SoundCloud. He loves Disco, High Energy; eschews electro and tech. He talks to us about cooking, the winter Olympics, visiting the US, and so much more. I promise that you will enjoy getting to know my fellow Queens Our City Radio artist, Andreas Mixgeselle, as much as I did.

Dj Buddy Beaverhausen: Such a pleasure to do this Q&A with you, Andreas. Let me begin by asking you what the dance music scene in Hamburg is like right now. If I were to visit, what clubs should I make the rounds to for the best dance music?
Andreas Mixgeselle: Tough question. There’s not much funky house in Hamburg anymore, so I’m not out in clubs very often. There are a couple of locations where I used to go, but I haven’t been to them for a long time. I’m not sure if they are busy and if people are still going. I live a little north of Hamburg now, a 45-minute drive. So I don’t go as much as I used to.
There is a special area in Hamburg which is well known for it’s nightlife. St. Pauli is the name of the borough and the most famous street is called ‘Reeperbahn’ - also sometimes described as die sündigste Meile (the most sinful mile). If you want to go out in Hamburg this is the place to go. There is something for everybody. Bars, clubs, musical stages, pole dancing… everything! One club I can recommend is called ‘Moondoo’ (they don’t spin Techno, that’s a big plus!) and in the basement, there is another club called ’136 degrees’, only open on Saturday, catering for the gay clientele. What is especially nice is that the straight people can go downstairs and check out what’s going on, and the gay people also have the freedom to dance upstairs too.
You have a weekly internet radio mixshow that can be listened to on SoundCloud. What can listeners expect when they tune in? How do you describe your style?
Well, you can definitely expect to have a good time. My style it funky, it’s uplifting, it’s fun, it’s emotional, and yeah, it’s commercial! It’s the Weekend Warm Up Show! I’m playing everything that’s catchy, got a good beat, nice vocals and gets you in the mood for a party. It’s probably not the most up-to-date or popular style I’m spinning. I don’t like electro, minimal house, tech house without a hook, techno… Not for mixgeselle. I grew up with Disco, I enjoyed the electro pop of the 80s, so I love my retros, remixes of classic tracks. You always get one or more of them.

Sounds good to me! Now, we’re both connected through our associations with Our City Radio, so we have that in common. You are one of the few Sobel Promotions DJ’s who does not remix.  Do you plan on starting?
Oh I would love to, but I wouldn’t throw something into the market that’s simply bad. I am not a remix expert and there are so many talented and creative people out there that are knowing so much better what to do. If somebody approaches me, and asks if we can do a track together, I would love to do that. I would not go for a ghost remixer and put my name on something; I want to be part of it, I want to be involved, I want the mixgeselle sound. I would have to participate, to sit next to the remixer and to tell him – no that’s not good, yeah I like that… This is our track!

When you were growing up in Germany, what music were you listening to? What inspired you?
Oh my goodness. I listened to so many different kinds of music. As I mentioned already, I grew up with Disco. I listened to so many other genres, like mainstream rock, some folk music or soul, I love the progressive rock of Alan Parsons for example. There are plenty of CD’s in my rack from Toto or Joe Jackson. German singer/songwriter stuff as well or the 80s music: Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones, Alison Moyet…. So many different styles. It’s not only dance music for me, there are so many other styles that I like and I still listen to apart from House.

The Winter Olympics in Sochi. Any thoughts you care to share on this topic and the political climate there, especially as it pertains to the rights of LGBT people?
For me, there is only one style of life: to live and let live. It’s terrible how they deal with civil rights in Russia. But before I judge a foreign country – there is still a lot to do in mine too. Intolerance, discrimination, racism is a global problem and is still alive in Germany as well, perhaps not so obvious, but I first have to take care of the things going on in my country. And the Olympics? Big business, lot’s of money involved and cameras from TV stations worldwide covering not only the games but also what’s going on in Russia – what is good. But it’s also sports, and I love watching sports. So I am following these games!

Andreas, can you describe your working relationship with Barbara Sobel ~ of Sobel Promotions and our Queens Our City station manager ~ for our readers? We’re all ears. 
I’ve known Barbara for so many years now. She promoted a band called Paleday and I got a promo from her which I spun on my show. And now she sticks like glue! [Grins.] She is special and unique and I love her. And I know that she loves me too! Maybe unable to show it…. I don’t know….. Let’s get serious! Her passion for music and her artists is amazing. I think you can’t ask for a better promoter. I respect that, that’s why she is allowed to yell at me all the time! [Smiles.]

When you’re not remixing or dj’ing, how do you like to spend your free time? How do you relax?
It’s all about enjoying life and part of it is to eat and to cook while sipping on a good glass of white wine. Everybody on my friend list on Facebook knows as I’m always posting my cooking sessions. I love to socialize, quality times with friends… and I love to travel, enjoying the sun and the beach, meeting people from everywhere.

Who are your favorite dance-music divas? Who would you most like to work with given all things are possible?
There are so many amazing artists. I’ve met some at Ibiza, for example Barbara Tucker. She was gorgeous. Duane Harden is such a nice talented artist and songwriter! I would love to meet Peyton – a Sobel family member by the way – and work with him. Maybe I’ll get the opportunity this year in Ibiza, who knows! There are some amazing producers in Germany: Sosua & Mad as example. Hope to meet them this year finally. Not to forget Jolyon Petch from New Zealand! Oh my goodness, there are so many! There is another Sobel family member – Put em high, put em high… StoneBridge! Legend. I would like to turn back time and meet Donna Summer, but she is no longer with us. So sad. Did I forget someone? Of course! Oh well….

I understand that, in the US, you’ve visited Florida & southern California. Why not NYC?
I’ve been to NYC once. I met a few friends in Connecticut and we spent some time in New York City too. We went out there, off Broadway, clubbing, sight-seeing as well. I only had two days, but it was amazing. I would love to go back. Apart from the above, I’ve been to Las Vegas, saw the Grand Canyon, Death Valley. I’ve been to Southern California many times as my brother lives in the Bay Area of San Francisco. And Florida is very nice during winter for some extra weeks of sun and fun. The Winter Music Conference is always good to go to meet people there. So many other places I would love to see. Can anyone invite me over to New Orleans? Seattle? Boston? Niagra Falls? Myrtle Beach, House Of Blues for an Edwin McCain concert? 

Besides being posted at Queens Our City Radio, this interview will also appear on my blog with a large, international, diverse but strong LGBT readership. What would you like to say to your worldwide LGBT fans specifically, and to all your fans generally?
It’s sad that Mixgeselle is not on a LGBT radio station! It’s time for LGBT followers to request Mixgeselle be aired on LGBT channels, in the States, in the UK, whereever. That would be great!
I have lots of amazing fans, I love them all. Really, I have so many loyal followers from all over the world. This is especially the best thing, doing an international radio show! You can get in touch with so many people across the world:  gay, straight, no matter what color or gender, there are so many awesome people out there and I would love to meet them all! I’ve made some great friends, so I love that. Simply awesome.
There seems to be so much drama in the dance music business.  Why do you think that is?
I always try to stay away from drama. But yeah, I agree! As soon as artists are in the charts and commercially successful, it is not politically correct any more to spin their tracks. Don’t ask me why. There is no good or bad music, there are tracks that I like or don’t like. And I don’t look at names and think about that some ‘music experts’ might not be happy with my track selection.Otherwise I stay away from trouble. I know, the music business is a tough one, but we are talking about entertainment and I am trying not to take it too seriously. There are more important things in life to argue about!

Our readers may not know but Andreas is one fierce chef.  Did you ever take classes professionally?
I mentioned it already : I love to eat, and to enjoy cooking. I believe a good meal and a nice glass of wine is part of a great lifestyle. When I see a recipe and it’s mouth-watering, I go to my kitchen and try to prepare it. Everybody can try it, all you need is some patience and time. But it does not have to be fancy and high-end always, every now and then some soul food is nice too. Best of both worlds! Learned it in the U.S.. You guys know how to make an amazing burger! Or chicken tenders with ranch dip. Heaven!
Andreas, thanks so much for taking the time out to do this Q&A with me. We look forward to hearing your new work in the new year. Anything we didn’t cover that you might like to shout out to our readers?
You will definitely hear from me in the New Year! 52 times to be precise! And please do me a favor: GET UP AND DANCE while listening to the Weekend Warm Up! Oh, and get in touch!! Add me to Facebook. I want to hear from you. Please! Thanks a lot for having me, my first interview by the way! Appreciate it!

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