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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Melts in Your Nose, Not in Your Hand: The M&M Candle

If you're fond not currently of sand dunes and salty air (since it's bitterly cold in Cape Cod right now) but of milk chocolate and, especially, M&Ms, have I got the candle for you!

Star Brite Illuminations, based in Ridgefield, NJ, markets an M&M-scented candle in collaboration with Mars, Inc. The taste of the candy-coated "colorful button-shaped candies" (quoting Mars' own promo phrase) are lost in the Odorama translation, unfortunately, but you will distinctly detect the odor of milk chocolate.

Why, this is perfect for diabetics like my own self! You can just breathe in your guilty pleasure without bringing up your glucose level. Melts in your nose, not in your hand!

M&Ms have been a candy staple in the US since 1941 and are now sold in over 100 countries. And a 2009 study showed that the dye in blue M&M's helped paralyzed lab rats to walk again! Maybe they're good for my neuropathy (blue M&Ms, not lab rats, that is)!

I found this product today at a 99 cent and up store in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NYC. It was 99 cents. I thought I'd try it out. I tried it, I like it. Medical researchers say that chocolate releases feel-good chemicals within us, allowing the brain to produce endorphins. So forget your troubles, c'mon get happy and light up an M&M candle.

Comments from friends on Facebook: "Waiting for the Glade pot roast!" (Hey, Star Brite, did you hear that?) And "Better buy some're gonna want some!" Which reminds me: best not to burn this candle while smoking your medical marijuana.

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