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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Week in Dance Divas

Scary Spice Mel B is all the way up at # 2 on the Billboard dance/club songs chart that ends February 22 with "For Once in My Life," the only diva news that interests me off that particular Top 25 list this week. There are a series of hot remixes for this tune, including those by Dave Aude and Dark Intensity, though my personal fave is Sobel Promotions' Dj Pornstar remix. Looking at #1 next week.

Debbie Harry and Blondie seem to be all over the news these days as they continue their tour and are about to release a new album. Apparently, they are the latest international pop stars to say nyet to the Sochi winter Olympics. At last week’s Amnesty International concert at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, Blondie, along with Madonna, Elton John and a roster of other artists spoke -- and sang -- out against Russia’s current persecution of the LGBT community.

Debbie Harry spoke with Huffington Post:

Blondie passed on the opportunity to perform a 45-minute set in Sochi during the Winter Olympics, citing concerns over civil rights abuses in Russia as their rationale for rejecting the big gig.

“Blondie has always been a part of the downtown community in NYC, with many, many friends who represent alternative lifestyles," frontwoman Debbie Harry said in a statement sent to The Huffington Post. "We feel very strongly about these friendships and associations, and don’t feel good about participating in a situation where biases and prejudices are paramount."

Meanwhile, on my turntables this week, Kylie Minogue generates some winter heat with her new "Into the Blue." Love Club Tribe mix very nice as is Brian Cua's big room treatment. Talking about Aussie divas, 7th Heaven does a wonderful job of bringing Tina Arena's "Reset All" to life as an upbeat dancefloor number. The Max Sanna/Steve Pitron mix will also get crowds to their feet as will the Country Club Martini Crew mix. Tina Arena is such an underrated diva in this country. Her pipes are strong, vibrant, brilliant and shine through these mixes.

The fabulous Beverley Knight's back, courtesy of Nervo & Ivan Gough. True diva drama with "Not Taking This No More," a hot electro-houser from the indie Spinnin' Records. The extended original mix (at just over 5 1/2 minutes) is best. Ms Knight drives it!

The Shakira vs Rihanna "Can't Remember to Forget Your Name" gives good diva energy. Especially loving the Miguel Vargas Club mix. On the other hand, not impressed by mixes of Beyonce's "Blow." Blowing that one off.

Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want" featuring Christine Aguilera is excellent (Gagaguilera), especially in the Ultimix redo. Clubland heat! Jennifer Hudson's "I Can't Describe" is also a fine, funky and upbeat diva affair especially as mixed by the Baggi Hand Bag House remix. Hudson sounds so much like Chaka on this one. Amazing.

Thanks to my readership. Without you I am nothing. Really. Thanks to the USA, you are my solid base! Germany, the Ukraine, the Uk, thank you for your strong support! France, Japan, Australia, Indonesia: I send you my love. Mexico, Algeria, Brazil, India, Canada, Russia, Poland, Spain, Norway: Dancefloor kisses!

Clubs should bring people together. No exclusionary policies. Get together on the dancefloors and make the world a better place, rainbow people. Peace, out. :)

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