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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Buddy B's Monday Night News Report 3/17/14: Everything That Fits

The Black Party
Happy Saint Patrick's Day and, though the famous annual NYC parade in NYC is over (it took place on Sunday), it bears mention that its homophobic, exclusionary policy this year not only cost that parade the support of Mayor de Blasio's office but the sponsorship of Sam Adams and Heineken, as well.

According to Gothamist: "On Friday, both companies announced they would be dropping their financial support; Sam Adams reportedly pulled out of today's Boston Parade after a popular gay bar threatened to stop serving the beer. 'We were hopeful that both sides of this issue would be able to come to an agreement that would allow everyone, regardless of orientation, to participate in the parade,' Jessica Paar, a spokeswoman for Sam Adams' brewing company [told the press]. 'But given the current status of the negotiations, we realize this may not be possible.'

"Heineken withdrew its support from tomorrow's parade in New York. 'We believe in equality for all. We are no longer a sponsor of Monday's parade,' the company told CBS."

Meanwhile, talking about saints, NYC gears up for The Saint at Large's Black Party for 2014 ("A Ruined Paradise"), which takes place this Saturday, March 22, ending its residency at Roseland Ballroom, which has otherwise closed its doors for good. Its p.r. release states: "Recognized internationally as "The Ultimate Fetish, Fag Blowout", THE BLACK PARTY has built its legendary reputation on the intense sexual energy of its 'strange live acts,' state-of-the-art lighting and production design and cutting-edge musical artistry." And to think, I've been there and all I did was dance. Honest! Tickets available on-line, at select stores in Manhattan and Montreal, and at the Roseland box office on the night of the event.

March 22 is also the night that Black Lady, Cher, kicks off her latest tour in Phoenix, Arizona. Opening act will be Pat Benatar. Cher's third single off the new album, Closer to the Truth, is about to be released. The song is "I Walk Alone" and there is already one dance mix completed by Tracy Young; expect more to follow.

Miami's Music Conference will take place March 21-30 at Miami Beach. Since 1985, the Conference "is one of the most publicized annual music gatherings in the world. A pivotal platform for the advancement of the industry, WMC attracts thousands of artists and music industry delegates from 70 countries and over 100,000 event attendees each year for a concentrated schedule of more than 500 events, parties, seminars and workshops," according to its press release.

Meanwhile, I'm chillin' with a St Patrick's day brew all my own. Make it a Heiny! Listening to Erasure's newest single, "Make It Wonderful." And that's the way it is ~ according to Beaverhausen.

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