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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All the News That Fits! Buddy B's Weekly News Report 4/16/14

Cheyenne Jackson
Fashion designer Tom Ford announced, at the start of the month, that he has gone to The Chapel of Love with journalist Richard Buckley and they are now legally betrothed. Of course, this means another one of my matrimonial dreams has been dashed but I shall manage somehow. Actually, Tom and Richard have been together for nearly three decades. 27 years to be exact. I'm lucky if my relationships last more than 27 minutes!

Ford and Buckley (aren't those two of the most white-bread names you ever heard?) met at a fashion show. Tres chic! "We had three dates. We were living together four weeks later. He gave me the keys to his apartment, and we have lived together ever since," Ford told Women's Wear Daily two years ago. The 52-year-old Texan is also the director of the brilliant, Oscar-nominated (for Best Picture) A Single Man. One of my absolute favorites! The film, told with minimal dialogue, stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore.

But Ford is not a single man, it turns out, people, and came out of the conjugal closet at an interview conducted at the Regent Street Apple store in London. "[W]e're now married, which is nice," he said for the article that appeared in Vogue UK. "I know that it was just made legal in the U.K., which is great. We were married in The States."

Tall, dark and handsome Cheyenne Jackson is still on the market, however. The singer/actor/dancer of Broadway stage, cabaret, screen and television is currently a gay divorcee. I mean, it's not like he's advertising but, my dears! Shortly after an online sex tape leak, Manhunt magazine printed pictures of Jackson clad only in black leather straps. "A friend who’s a chorus boy in a Broadway show sent me this," a writer at Manhunt allowed. "He was going through his old phone and found this pic Cheyenne Jackson sent him a while ago."

Well, hubba-hubba, big boy! You look terrific in basic black. Really basic.  It's true the color is slimming and chic, and you wear it well if barely.

As you know, Jackson is no mere himbo. But he could be for the right chorus boy, apparently. The star has received numerous awards and is an out and proud gay man (perhaps not proud of these pics, albeit), a strong LGBT supporter and advocate, and an ambassador for AmFar and The Hetrick-Martin Institute.

There is nothing like a Dame, however. Angela Lansbury, at 88 and not dressed in leather fetish minimalist clothing, was honored at Windsor Castle on April 15, joining other acting grand Dames like Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.

"Venerated these days in much the same way that Julie Andrews is, both by children and by those who appreciate high kitsch, the British-born star has straddled genres and eras in the entertainment industry," UK's The Guardian stated.

Well, the Queen certainly looked happy bestowing the elevated honor of Dame Commander of the British Empire upon the internationally beloved actress. My only concern is that, once Jessica Fletcher sets foot at the Palace, isn't a royal likely to get murdered very soon?

Valerie Harper, meanwhile, was cancer-free and then she wasn't! Closer magazine insisted, on April 16, that Ms Harper stated she was absolutely "cancer free." Shortly thereafter, Variety reported that Ms Harper denied that report. “In response to a recent erroneous quote concerning my health, I am not ‘absolutely cancer-free,’” a statement from Harper [read]. The Emmy award winner clarified: “I wish I were. Right now what I am is cautiously optimistic about my present condition, and I have hope for the future.”

We wish Valerie lots of luck and congratulate her, as she was told she had only three months to live after a diagnosis of her brain cancer in 2013.

Until next week, then, this is all the news that fits and, as Edward R. Murrow used to say, "Good Night and Good Luck!"

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