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Monday, April 21, 2014

Buddy Beaverhausen Digs Earth Week!

Happy Earth Week, Earthlings! Are you ready to save the planet? Why, I'm feeling just as Eartha as Kitt! Global warming and other man-made ecological calamities threaten our world and that of future generations. We need to stop plundering Planet Earth. Can you dig it?

Rachel Carlson published the groundbreaking Silent Spring in 1962. The book brought environmental concerns to an unprecedented share of the international public. The late Ms Carlson testified before President Kennedy's Science Advisory Committee and that Committee supported her research. Whaddaya know?!

For decades, environmentalists have been trying to speak out on our destruction of the planet Earth. The ozone layer, Frankenfoods, strip mining, the Keystone XL pipeline, fracking, plastics, hairspray, the Kardashians! It seems like major industry pushes ahead despite the well-reasoned environmentalist position against reckless plundering of our planet, Janet! They argue the environmentalists are wrong; that they're crazy. They even scoff at scientific data.

And just when did environmentalism become a "liberal" thing? Why, I recall, in college, back in the bad old Nixonian era, that ecological matters were a concern completely across party lines. Today's Tea Party, of course is supporting and promoting industry over humanity and would have us believe that our concerns about the planet's health and ability to support life are ridiculous. Ah, those effete greenies and tree-huggers!

Well, I'm with the greenies! I'm with the tree huggers! Because of Earth Week, we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Kind of. Atlas shrugged. We mustn't.

Read what Chris Noth ("Mr Big") had to say to NYC's community free paper, Metro, in the rag's exclusive:

I'm still not out of my parka at this point in April. This spring may not be silent on the Northeast but it sure ain't spring-like. Easter came late on the calendar this year and I found myself celebrating the planet's fertility in a freaking coat! Yet I'm so into the season, you can call me "Spring Byington."

"Every Day is Earth Day," environmental broad Bette Midler reminds us.

Keep calm, carry on and carry a big stick when it comes to saving planet Earth. Happy Earth week, people of the planet!

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