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Friday, April 25, 2014

Dj Buddy B's Latest Diva Dish

We were on Spring Break! Did you miss us? Well, the divas are back, some with steaming hot scandals, so get ready!

Madonna's showing her age lately. I look better than she and I'm older than huh! (See pic at left. That's Madonna; not me.) Well, the dance-music diva turned off most of her gay fan base when she used the term "gay" in, like, a totally pejorative context.

According to WonderWall: Remember the '80s and '90s? Those heady times of unrestricted political incorrectness when high school kids used the word "gay" as a slanderous term (i.e.: "those mom jeans are gay, this 9th grade homework assignment is gay, my immature lack of respect for my fellow humans is soooo gay")? Not so surprisingly, Madonna seems to be stuck in that time period -- at least when it comes to language.

During a Buzzfeed segment that aired this week, she was asked to write down the first word that came into her head after hearing a variety of topics. The words kale and Vladimir Putin inspired her to write down "gay." An online firestorm ensued, with social media users pointing out that (duh) she was being pretty offensive. 

Putin = Gay? Big whoops, Madge! Were you trying to be ironic? Major fail.

"Saying kale is ‘gay' is meant to convey that she doesn't like it, so it is an insult. I am SO TIRED of people using ‘gay' in a negative context," wrote one user who was later quoted by

Helter-Skelter's li'l diva Squeaky (Lynette) Fromm is back in the news! The Charles Manson sidekick and would-be President Gerald Ford assassin's pre-trial audiotape from her psychiatric exam on the latter account is now being released, 40 years after the incident.

The Sacramento Bee "requested the tapes be made public, reports that Fromme spoke confidently about her ability to represent herself at trial and be acquitted," according to the Guardian UK. 

"'What would you estimate to be your percentage chance at this point of being found not guilty?' the psychiatrist James R. Richmond asked Fromme on the tape. 'Oh, I feel, I feel definitely I have probably a 70 per cent chance on the percentage scale,' Fromme said in response."Ah, Squeaky! Ever the optimist!

I love the 1997 bio from St Martin's Press by Jess Bravin. Still part of my home library. 

Cher doesn't have to walk alone! New dj-promo-only mix from Matt Consola and LFB via Sobel Promotions is, like, so gay! As in epic, make you want to dance! The premier club mix is far superior to the highly touted and overrated Tracy Young Ferosh Reconstruction mix in my humble opinion. The third single remixed off her latest album. Cher is currently touring and she arrives in Brooklyn May 9th (right around both of our birthdays)!

By the way, I interviewed both Matt and LFB (Leo Frappier) recently.

Also loving Tony Moran's GMC Mixshow Anthem & the Moran/Deep Influence remixes of Martha Wash's "I'm Not Coming Down." Martha will be appearing outdoor at Lincoln Center on July 3rd along with divas Linda Clifford and the girls from Chic!


So, yes, Spring Break is over! The Divas are back -- on the dancefloors, in the news, in your face ~ and beyond!