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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Diva Dish for the Merry Month of May

According to Us magazine, Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence puked on the carpet at Madonna's Oscar night after-party. The American Hustle Best Supporting Actress nominee was so drunk by the time of that event, she retched right in public, the Oscar-winning song of the night, "Let It Go," perhaps influencing her. Miley Cyrus was passing by and snarked, "Pull it together, girl!" Hell, when Miley Cyrus tells you to pull it together, you know you're a hot mess.

No mention of who cleaned up the upchuck but it most probably was not Jennifer, Madge or Miley.

Disco diva France Joli, meanwhile, is now on Off-Broadway in the show, My Big Gay Italian Funeral. Last year, the singer debuted in My Big Gay Italian Wedding. She performs her timeless hit "Come To Me" in the show. I had the pleasure of interviewing France Joli last November:

'60s diva Lesley Gore just celebrated her 68th birthday... and she still hasn't gotten over that damned party when Judy fooled around with Johnny. The girl-group era songbird still performs and enthralls with songs old and new. I saw her a few years back at Joe's Pub, where none other than iconic radio jockey Cousin Brucie (Bruce Morrow) was in the audience. Happy Birthday, Lesley Sue Goldstein!

And rumor has it that silver screen divas Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange were attached to make a cable tv-movie about the making of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? with Sarandon as Bette Davis (because she has Bette Davis eyes) and Lange as co-star/rival Joan Crawford. The idea was pitched to HBO but was rejected. Hard to believe since both actresses were notably in previous HBO films, with Lange winning an Emmy for Grey Gardens.

Gray LeBlanc now has a Facebook petition page you can go to. 

Welcome to my petition page for Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon to star in Ryan Murphy's ''The Making of...What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.'' This was brought to HBO by Murphy and turned down. I have written a lengthy email to the head of HBO programming, Michael Lombardo ( on the matter. Lange has contributed GREATLY to HBO with ''Grey Gardens.'' Sarandon has also contributed w/both ''Bernard and Doris'' and "You Don't Know Jack.'' It's a travesty for HBO to pass on this script, with these ladies, at this point in perspective their careers. They have both paved the way for fantastic HBO movies past and future, and that's why this makes me sick!, writes LeBlanc on his Page.

You can visit it and be part of the grass-roots protest. I'm certain there'd be much interest in this project. I say, shop it around! After all, HBO isn't the only fish in the sea.

I'll be back next week with more divas' dirty linen. Meanwhile, I wish all you diva worshippers a month of May as fabulous as the goddess of your choice!

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