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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Fleet's Back in Town

Fleet Week, an ongoing event for 26 years, returns to New York & New Jersey this week. Last year, the event was interrupted by the sequestration. But here come the sailors! And from all over the world, too. NYC bars will be overflowing as the boys and the girls who serve and protect upon the Seven Seas will be on the town, celebrating in the Big Apple. Looking for someone in uniform? Well, the real deal has arrived and he's/she's looking for a good time.

Fleet Week culminates with the Memorial Day holiday. It begins on May 19th and wraps up on the 27th (the day following Memorial Day). Events (outside of bar hopping) include military bands in concert throughout the city, aerial displays, demonstrations of the latest in maritime technology and, of course, parades.

The fleet is in!

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  1. LOVED "The Village People"! I was lucky enough to meet Randy Jones at a Party in Little Italy, a few years back. He's was just such a wonderful, kind, and plain-old regular Guy!