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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prayers for Merry Clayton

Merry Clayton, the pop diva who was prominently featured in the Oscar-winning documentary, Twenty Feet from Stardom, was seriously injured in a June 16 car accident. CBS News reported this on the 24th, after her manager spoke to the press and revealed Clayton had suffered "severe injuries to her lower body, including major trauma to her lower extremities."

What "major trauma" means precisely is at this point unclear but it doesn't sound promising.  The manager, Alan Abrahams, added the singer has "a long road of recovery.... It's a very serious situation. She's feisty and she's with us. She's going to make it."

Clayton has been a back-up singer for Ray Charles, Carole King and The Rolling Stones. She is best known for her solo vocal on "Gimme Shelter." Clayton also released a successful solo version of the song.

The 65-year-old began a solo career singing "girl group"-styled pop classics like "Usher Boy." I saw her perform live, along with Darlene Love (later her Twenty Feet co-star) and Marianne Faithfull at the Rainbow Room in the '90s.

Dj Buddy Beaverhausen sends his best wishes out to the extraordinary talent and asks you all to send your positive thoughts and prayers her way.

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