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Friday, July 18, 2014

Where Is Casey Kasem? The Final Countdown

It's always newsworthy when a body goes missing from the slab. Especially if the corpse in question is a celebrity one. Although second wife Jean Kasem told reporters that her dead hubby, Casey Kasem, is, in fact, not missing, ABC News reported that Gaffney Mortuary confirmed the legendary stiff is no longer under their care.

Casey's daughter, Terri, reported the missing body to the media and said that, since her father's death on June 15, his adult children have yet to see his body.

Body snatching is not such a popular pastime these days and hasn't been since the 19th Century, but Jean seems like such a fun girl; up for anything with a mischievous sparkle in her cold eyes. Body snatching? Sure, why not!

Since Casey's expiration date was over a month ago, it seems as if he should be buried by now. Let's hope he's at least staying refrigerated. Where is the respect here, people?

TMZ reported:

Fingers now point in the direction of Casey's widow, Jean.  Family sources say Jean took the body from a funeral home the day before a judge ordered her to keep it there so an autopsy could be performed.

The autopsy is crucial to an ongoing criminal investigation targeting Jean.  The Santa Monica PD is looking into elder abuse allegations ... that Jean took Casey on a wild, week-long multi-state car ride which caused him to develop bed sores that got infected and contributed to his death.

As for where the body is ... no one but Jean seems to know, and no one can find her either.  It's interesting ... Jean listed Jerusalem as her address on Casey's death certificate.

Casey's daughter Kerri believes Jean is out of the country.

We reached out to Jean's people.  So far no word back.

The Daily Mail (UK) stated tonight, online, that Kerri Kasem is worried her stepmother may prevent an autopsy by having Casey's cadaver moved to Canada or elsewhere outside the USA and possibly cremated.

Dying is a bummer. But it's not a funny thing that happened on the way to the necropolis if you're lost in transit. 

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