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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Icon Catches Fire on Nick Lion's Big Birthday Bash

It was no-holds-barred when it came to fabulousness in Astoria last night, as Nick Lion celebrated his birthday (he just turned 29 he confided in me and who am I to question) at his club ICON. It was also Night of 100 Marilyns and a celebration that brought me back to the good ol' days of clubbing in a packed house of people there to feel good and party on!

My gift to Nick was the recently published Joe & Marilyn book about DiMaggio and Monroe. I sat in the VIP area with other luminaries of the evening, including birthday boy Nick and Lola Avana, ICON's resident Marilyn, behind velvet ropes.

Martin (in black)
Young Martin (my long-lost love child) was our waiter and a fun time was had by all, especially by me once I consumed two cosmos, unlimited champagne and shots (whatever they were).

Paige Turner
Paige Turner was our hostess in her Marilyn drag and sang for us. And Lola's Marilyn brought down the house ... twice!... by singing her faithfully Marilyn "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" and "Happy Birthday, Nicky Lion" numbers that looked as if an awful lot of study and rehearsal went into them.

I met several new friends that night and got a lift home from the club's celebrity dj, Ian Ford, who lives in neighboring Bay Ridge. We chatted all the way home. Any ears on fire?

There were many Marilyn swirling and photo-opting their way across the club floor -- just like the real thing. I didn't count 100 but I was drinking, so who knows! Queen Levine's djing was remarkable and had the crowd on its feet, dancing through the night. This was a happening, my couch potatoes, something you can rarely have home alone. ICON frequently reminds me of the need to get out more.

Lola as Marilyn sings "Diamonds"
So, Happy Birthday, Nick Lion, "Brother from Another Mother"! You sure know how to throw a birthday bash with class.

Nick & Robynne Kaamil

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