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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Modern Assholism: Kanye West and Sen. Mark Sanford Set New Standards

For those who believe men are assholes, support for this theory appeared this week courtesy of Kanye West and Senator Mark Sanford.

Thirty-seven-year-old rapper West humiliated a wheelchair-bound fan and a second disabled person from the stage last Friday night, insisting every audience member stand up, zero tolerance for those who didn't. One person, holding his prosthetic leg up high, was granted special dispensation by King Kanye.

According to TMZ:

The concert took place in Sydney, Australia at the Qantas Arena. An eyewitness told Daily Mail Australia that Kanye said, "I can't do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and shit."

This from a man who constantly gets special parking and shit wherever he goes!

What's more repugnant and insensitive, the rapper absolutely refused to continue performing until a second disabled person was thoroughly checked on by one of West's employees who verified the fan's disability. I doubt the henchman was a specialist or even general practitioner.

Once the petulant performer was appeased, he finally continued his performance.

It is customary, in concerts, that when a performer requests people to get up off their asses and onto their feet, he/she just goes into his/her number and does not check on nor scold nor scrutinize audience members. It's supposed to all be fun, Kanye! Entertainment! Remember that.

On Friday, South Carlina Senator Mark Sanford proved he could be an even bigger schmuck than previously believed when he broke up with his fiancee via a post on Facebook. What a guy! 

María Belén Chapur, the fiancee, was also surprised. “I learned it from the press today," she told The New York Times on Saturday.

You might recall that Sanford was classified as "missing" when he disappeared for a week in June 2009. Turns out he was actually with his mistress (Chapur at the time) in Brazil. During the time, this model American citizen failed to call his children on Father's Day.

The Republican narrowly escaped impeachment from the Senate in the wake of this scandal. Wikipedia notes: "Of interest, [his] remarks on Facebook are longer than his entire speech output on the floor of the US Congress for 2014."

Fellows, as Divine might say: "You are convicted of Assholism in the First Degree!"

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