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Sunday, September 21, 2014

People's Climate March NYC 2014

I just had to say, so that there's no misunderstanding, that I completely support the People's Climate March in NYC and around the world. This was a great moment of civil protest that is so very necessary to our survival and to the world we leave future generations.

I've long been an environmentalist, even buying recycled ecological notebooks in college in the early '70s. My Aunt Eleanor was an environmental activist long before it was fashionable. She was also the first person to introduce my family to brown rice -- an exotic dish in 1950s America.

I knew going to the march would not be possible for me because of my neuropathy; the only reason I didn't actively participate. I truly thank Facebook friend Jo Ellen Berryman for keeping me posted throughout the day as she was there.

Since my simple trip to the local supermarket today left me with severely swollen feet, the Columbus Circle-to-United Nations walk would have been impossible for me. Oh, de agony of de feet!

But I'm thrilled to see the day was a success with over 400,000 marchers in NYC alone and more in other key international cities.

Marchers, relax tonight as you deserve. Have a cocktail on me, sit back and watch Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster on video. Yes, even Godzilla wants to save the environment.

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