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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

TRIo Creates an Unforgettable "Happening" at The Village Underground

Below street level, a major party was going on last night. The joint was jumpin' as Ria Alexander, Toni Menage and Inaya Day played to a wildly enthusiastic packed house as the girl group known, collectively, as TRIo. Menage exclaimed their music would not be "put in a box" and that was the understatement of the evening.

Accompanied by an amazing live band and two back-up girls under the musical direction of Jared "Red" Jacobs, who produced the group's wonderful e.p. cd (available at CD Baby and Amazon), it was a privilege for me to be at this performance (along with friend, club impresario Nick Lion).

The night's set, like the six-track recording, opened with the dance-club-ready, gospel-influenced "The Source" and ended with "Did I Forget to Say Thank You?" The ladies took turns on lead vocals, running the gamut from house to funk-rock.

Personal favorites of the evening included "Wallflower," "Hollywood" (featuring rapper Peter Gunz) and the wry "Rabbit in a Pot" (influenced by the film Fatal Attraction). Add to these the bonus of hearing Inaya sing her house classic, "Horny," live. That song segued into a gospel-influenced cover of "Gypsy Woman" that gave me goosebumps! While Inaya handled the refrains as only she can, Toni and Ria provided the classic girl group-styled chorus of la-da-dees and -das.

It was apparent the three divas (and band) were having as good a time as we, the audience, within the cozy, brick walls of The Village Underground. The club not only boasts a friendly and efficient staff, its sound system and lighting are top-notch. Three incredible female voices last night turned the venue into a true NYC happening.

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  1. Hi DJ Buddy Beaverhausen!! Thank you for your gracious words. It was a pleasure to meet and entertain you! TRIo absolutely adores you! MUAH!!!