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Friday, November 21, 2014

Cher: Not Strong Enough

Poor Cher! She was dealing with the death of her Silkwood director, Mike Nichols, when -- faster than you can say Dressed to Kill Tour -- she took to her sick bed, canceling her upcoming tour dates.

"He might b most unique person EVER," the diva Tweeted on November 20, regarding Nichols. "Meryl & I were on porch 2 Do Emotional Scene, He Started 2 cry We cried. He said ACTION"

Only hours later, the diva was back on Twitter, delivering this message to disappointed fans, ticket holders and, no doubt, her manager: "I'm SORRY I couldn't B the 1 to tell you about postponing my tour. I tried SO HARD 2b Strong enough, but my Will couldn't force my Body...."

While the remaining dates of her tour are officially canceled due to a viral infection that her doctors have insisted on bed rest to overcome, Cher added in a press statement, "I sincerely hope that we can come back again next year and finish what we started."

Ah, if she could turn back time, people, she'd give it all to you. Alas, old girl's only human! This virus has -- bang bang! -- shot her down. Still, we haven't seen the last of Cher. For sure.

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