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Saturday, November 15, 2014

EXCLUSIVE Q&A with The Salvatones Part 2

Since my interview with Sal & Daniel of The Salvatones ran too long for a single post, here is Part 2. I didn't care to further edit this vivacious and thoroughly enjoyable Q&A that was such a pleasure for me to do. I may have to do more live interviews, though I doubt many could be as much fun as this one was.

DBB: How will you each spend your Christmas Day?
DB: At St. Patrick's Cathedral where I am Associate Music Director. I'll play again after going home to crash on Christmas Eve.
SD: And I'll be in that choir.
DBB: Great, reserve me a seat in a pew at St. Pat's!

DBB: What kind of music did you listen to growing up.
SD: Another good question. I had a lot of eclectic influences and that manifests itself in concert. I studied classical but loved pop stuff on the radio. Madonna, The Police.
DB: Petula Clark, Edith Piaf, Beethoven, Beatles, disco, Duke Ellington, Nina Simone, Tina Turner all heard around our house while growing up in France. A lot of American influences.

DBB: When not performing, what do you guys do to relax?
DB: I don't know because music is my life, working and relaxing.
SD: Reading! Fiction, non-fiction, it's a nice way to relax. And I love to cook.

DBB: The best experience for The Salvatones? And the worst?
SD: The best was definitely two years ago at a summit exchange concert, performing along with a Dutch vocal group. It motivated we Salvatones in terms of both our physical stage presence and our sound. It was definitely validation that we were moving in the right direction professionally and artistically.
DB: We were on the right track. The Salvatones were borne by accident, not planning. Frankly, I loved all our experiences and even the rehearsals.
SB: I enjoy that we're in such a close environment working as a group.
DB: Of course, I did have a problem with a vocalist once. After giving her direction, she told me. "I don't agree with you...."
DBB: Ouch! Cheeky.
DB: Yeah, it was a little shocking to me. I told her, "You don't have to agree, you only need to do as you're directed." That was her last gig with us.

DBB: Thank you guys! Terrific interview. So nice to meet and talk to you. I'll be sure to get your new cd and be at your concert in December!

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