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Monday, December 8, 2014

Mariah Carey's 2014 Christmas Calamity

OW! Make it stop, make it stop!

That was all I could think watching Mariah Carey sing accapella at the Rockefeller Christmas tree last night with a bunch of tots dressed in white. She was, of course, in a tight, low-cut red gown, proud to be a Christmas-season skeezer whose voice was obviously shot. Here it is without a band (it is edited out), her screeching uncovered by any music. Tragic.

USA Today blared: MARIAH CAREY BOMBS AT NYC TREE LIGHTING! "She wasn't hitting the notes quite right and she seemed to struggle a bit with her breathing," USA Today admitted.

Ms Carey apologized to fans via Twitter. It seems that she appeared for this taping hours late after coming from her divorce lawyers' offices. Pull it together, butterfly! Didn't it occur to you that arriving from a stressful meeting was not the best time to launch into a happy-holiday performance?

All we want for Christmas is NOT you, Mariah. Your voice is wrecked. Have a few hot toddies, rest and come back to us next year and try again.

You can catch this Christmas debacle on YouTube or merely by Googling, by the way. It'll be legendary... but not in a good way.

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