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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Video Beaverhausen: Not a Piece of "Cake" for Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is perhaps a revelation in Cake, her Oscar nominated performance. I can relate to her character to an extent as someone with invisible ailments, though I don't have pins in my legs. (Thankfully!)

You won't think of her solely as a sitcom star after watching this. She definitely displays she's a serious actor No make-up! No one-liners! No eye liner! (Actually, I think she does wear eye liner in the film.) Oscar-worthy? Not sure about that.

The film is basically about the efforts the ill can make to get well and basically details a road trip from L.A. to Tijuana and back, and then some. Yeah, it rambles a bit.

Felicity Hoffman and Bill Macy are in this, so you know it's top-drawer, though it's Adriana Barazza who shines especially as Aniston's girl Friday.

Despite her sickness, Aniston gets to bed a hot guy or two. One with a British accent. I need to grab some tips!

I definitely had the sense that Cake could have used a tad more editing. Some shots run way too long. But it is basically a star vehicle. Hardly a memorable movie but carry on, JA! You can show those Pitts a thing or two.

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