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Monday, June 8, 2015

Beaverhausen Blabs: Rihanna and DiCaprio's Love Child

Rumors are rife that Rihanna is carrying Leonardo DiCaprio's love child. I was trying to imagine the child's forehead considering its biological parentage. Somehow, the image of James Arness in The Thing (at left) sprung immediately to mind. And that's if it's a girl!

In March, TMZ reported the celebrity pair were "all over each other" at Rihanna's birthday party. But it was earlier this month that the French Oops! magazine got catty, purring that the singer was having the movie star's baby. Great Gatsby!

Now, DiCaprio had turned litigious, suing Oops! Oops!
Gossip Cop reports that Oops owner, Frederic Truskolaski, received the lawsuit on Thursday, [and] says he’s completely shocked that DiCaprio has sued Oops. He tells Gossip Cop, “Why is he doing this?” The magazine’s part-owner thinks it may be “the first time an American superstar has sued a French magazine.”

According to the court papers, in addition to the erroneous claim that DiCaprio is having a baby with Rihanna, the magazine is being sued under France’s strict right to privacy laws. The lawsuit points out that Oops does not have the right to print information about DiCaprio’s personal life nor was it allowed to publish two paparazzi photos of him on the street. DiCaprio’s side is also asking Oops to print a retraction on an upcoming cover, and if it doesn’t, his legal team has asked the court to impose a 10,000 Euro fine (approximately $11,100).
DiCaprio’s legal team and Oops are set to face off in a Paris court on June 16. Truskolaski is fairly certain that because of France’s stringent privacy laws, a ruling will come down forcing Oops to pay the damages and legal fees. “Usually you lose,” he tells Gossip Cop, but he doesn’t think the magazine will have to pay the full 18,000 Euros that are being sought. “It won’t be much,” says Truskolaski.
Gossip Cop has reached out to both DiCaprio’s rep and his French attorney, but has yet to hear back.
Thanks Melvina Touchstone-Maness for the tip-off!

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