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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cine Beaverhausen: ACTION! Mad Max Meets The Terminator This Summer

The burning question on my mind upon watching Terminator Genisys is why, if its a prequel, does the Terminator look noticeably older?  Even if he was sent from the future, he's a robot. Do robots age? And why did they design a robot with an Austrian accent in the first place?

The first Terminator movie was great; very simple storyline. Its first sequel was even better and easily understood. The plot of this movie is so convoluted, I can barely attempt to describe it. But here goes:

Kyle Reese is sent back in time. When Reese arrives, he discovers a terminator which is not like ones he's already encountered. He is saved by Sarah Connor who knows who he is and why he is there. He also discovers she has a terminator with her. She tells him the terminator he encountered was sent to kill her when she was nine and the current terminator was sent to save her. Got that? Neither did I really.

Despite the f/x and violence, this film was a big yawn for me. I had no way of relating to this tangled jumble of a storyline. Staring and meditating on your buttered popcorn is never a good sign at the movies.

Much more successful is the Mad Max franchise reboot that kicked off the summer fare this year and is still at many theaters. Mel Gibson got rebooted out. At least the producers of this film know when an action hero is too old for a role. British actor Tom Hardy is actually a refreshing presence in the part.

Mad Max: Fury Road takes our hero well beyond Thunderdome in Australia's post-apocalypse world.

The fact that he's joined by Oscar and Golden Globe Award-winning actress Charlize Theron only sweetens things. This is a grade A action film. A sequel is already in pre-production.

American Tea Party heads exploded over an empowered female in a macho action film. That only heightened my enjoyment of Fury Road.

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