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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cine Beaverhausen: Buddy B in Jurassic World

The latest screen excursion to Jurassic Park is pure juvenilia. Kids and adolescents will love it, most likely, but adults might be left cold by the silliness of this whole, big, expensive magillah.

The scripting is poor and the set-up is so obvious, you just know who's going to get chomped by the end.

The film revolves around a genetically created new dinosaur. Maybe, if you think of this as a criticism of animals kept in theme parks, or of genetic splicing, you may find a certain interest here, though I doubt as much.

Never has an action film been so dull as far as I'm concerned. Vincent D'Onofrio, Jimmy Fallon (as himself) and BD Wong are in this; what a waste. Bryce Dallas Howard in a bad wig, stooping down from The Help, actually held my attention through this mess. Chris Pratt fills the generic hero role out nicely. Hope they all had a great payday.

With a running time of just over two hours (felt like eight), this retread reminds us of better days for this Steven Spielberg franchise. There are, to be fair, some moments of suspense but, by and large this suffers from suffocating sameness, despite all the carnage.

Raptors attempting to come to the rescue? Puh-leeze! Suspended disbelief has its limits. Awkward romantic ending.

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