Sunday, July 12, 2015

On the Town with Buddy Beaverhausen @ the Beaux Arts Society's Summer Soiree

getting seated @ Etcetera Etcetera
It was a hot summer afternoon in NYC on Sunday. I ventured out to the fringe of the Broadway theater district and there, on the second floor of the restaurant Etcetera Etcetera, enjoyed hours of entertainment and a free buffet of delicious food (the restaurant's lasagne with green noodles and tiramisu dessert were especially scrumptious). But the smorgasbord of talent really dominated the day. Hours of entertainment from spoken word to demonstration to comedy and, of course, song.

I was seated with friends Kathy Towson, Paula Hoza and Ron Giles among several others, a couple of who got up to be part of the entertainment. Broadwayworld's Malka Gittel Bas Reuven was there. Luv huh!

Tom Stevens & Me
Beaux Arts founder Tom Stevens was our host. There were two intermissions. Highlights included Denny Daniel's lively show-and-tell of items from his Museum of Interesting Things in SoHo, like the first tv remote from 1955. He shared many interesting true stories like how we actually see two of everything but, shortly after birth, our minds combine them into one 3-D image. 3-D itself, Denny told us, began in the 19th century. He passed around an antique device for seeing three-dimensional photographs. And I thought 3-D began with House of Wax!

With Malka Gittel Bas Reuven and Sean Bennett
Sean Bennett, an attractive, bright and openly gay young man seated at our table, discussed his book Luxury Steals and Deals, things all travelers might find of great interest. Also from our table, comedian Ben Rosenfeld garnered much laughter from his schtick about Russian vs. Western culture. He has also published a very funny and nicely illustrated book, the rather oxymoronically titled Russian Optimism.

Singers Ron Fowler and Ron Giles brought the show to a wonderful close with their great covers of classics from the 1950s and '60s. Great show, great food, fabulous company. Thank you to the bevy of talented performers who kept us enraptured with their variety of material, to Beaux Arts Society and Etcetera Etcetera, and especially to Tom Stevens and Beaux Arts' Executive V.P. George Strum for a Sunday afternoon well spent.
Tom and Ben Rosenfeld

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  1. Thanks Charles, and it was such a pleasure having you and your friends there.....thank you!