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Friday, July 24, 2015

On the Town with Sue, Lloyd, Sophe & Me @ Cinema Village

Susan, me & Loyd
I attended the first screening of the documentary The Outrageous Sophie Tucker high noon at the venerable art house, Cinema Village, on the big screen. Ok, it was Cinema Village, as I said, so it was a medium-sized screen.

I already reviewed a press video of the movie
and interviewed the filmmaking couple, the Eckers as well. Get them a reality tv series somebody!

Susan and Lloyd Ecker are tirelessly doing Q&As after every screening to help promote the film. It was wonderful to finally meet them in person afterwards in the lobby, as you can see by the photo. Directed by William Gazecki, The Outrageous Sophie Tucker's executive producers are Phil Ramone and Gene Schwam.

During the audience Q&A, I asked the Eckers if they had any reservations or regrets after they saw the final edit of this film. They allowed as to how their only regret is, to get their documentary into a basically 90-minute format, so much footage was edited out. No worries as they promise deleted footage will be on the upcoming dvd.

The filmmakers also said that some of the talking heads during the closing titles sequence (Kaye Ballard, et al.) had no more footage or they'd have loved to include that in the film itself.

Brilliant summer afternoon. The Eckers are, in person, warm, kind and a privilege to have met. The film has already garnered many award nominations (including a Grammy) and is certainly worthy of New York Film Critics and Oscar consideration. And there's always a potential HBO deal. Wishing Susan and Lloyd lots of well-deserved luck. This film has a lot of commercial potential.

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