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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Travels with Beaverhausen: San Francisco, Here I Come

I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow! I've decided to pack light, hoping to buy some new threads during my visit. The Gap has its headquarters there, by the way, which I take as a positive sign.

I'll be staying for almost a week with my friends-cum-relatives, Steven and Ilene Frankel Lott. My close friend of over 40 years now, Tracey, is Steven's sister. She was once married to my cousin. That's how we met. I'm still very close to the Lott family, many of whom live in Connecticut. Ilene and Steve lived in Stuyvesant Town in the East Village, but moved when Steve was offered a job in SF. Got all that? (There may be questions later.)

Among the things I must do today before I leave  -- packing, arranging car service to JFK (my flight's at 8 am; car at 6; bedtime 10-11 pm tonight's a must), etc. -- I've decided not to get the haircut I really need. I've been trimming my own hair over the summer and by now I have a modified mullet with poofy sides, a combed-back, uneven front and the frizzy blues!  I thought it might be fun to get my haircut in Frisco. Something smart, maybe around Castro Street way!

This is my third visit to SF, so I basically know the lay of the land, which was once my nickname in NYC, but never mind all that!. My first trip was with my best friend from high school, Michael Stein. That was 1969, the Summer of Love. Haight-Ashbury was as you might imagine it then. I was recently reunited with Mike for the first time since the summer of '69. In the 1990s, I visited SF again with my friend, Greg. Things hadn't changed all that much it seemed to me.

So, I'm ready for take-off and will be blogging about my adventures that I expect will include going with my hosts to Feinstein's at The Nikko to see Sally Kellerman perform, hopefully a trip to Fisherman's Wharf, visiting the Castro Theatre and trying out some restaurants. Now, where was that place that served the shrimp and avocado omelette?

San Francisco: high on a hill it calls to me. And one must be high if that what one's hearing! So, in honor of a previous California governor, I'll just say Hasta la vista, babies!

P.s.: Did I mention San Francisco is my disco?

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