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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beaverhausen Book Nook: Joi Lansing ~ A Body to Die For ~ A Love Story

So many of the blonde "bombshell" sex symbols of the 1950s-'60s died tragically young, and perhaps there's something to be learned about that in this moving, personal account of the life of actress Joi Lansing, who died of cancer at age 43.

Ms Lansing was a poor man's Marilyn, in a sense, always on the brink of stardom though her big break never came. Subtitled "A Love Story," this is indeed a very up-close and personal account by the woman who was Lansing's close companion during the actreess' last four years.

Lansing was a mass of contradictions and inner conflicts. She was a Mormon for one thing. She didn't drink or smoke. Immodesty didn't seem to be a problem, however, although she never posed in the nude. She also had a drug problem. I doubt she wore Mormon underwear. Also, during her affair with the author, she was in a marriage to a man. Kind of a mess in a dress, but she wore it well.

As for Ms Hunter, she is a wonderful writer and chronicler. Joi Lansing ~ A Body to Die For is an engrossing but quick read at over 160 pages in trade paperback from BearManor Media. I love a good tell-all and this may be the best since the scandalous Full Service by Scotty Bowers. Unlike the Bowers book, however, this new one is full of very touching moments. I just devoured this bio! It is a great summer read I highly recommend before you head off to the beach. Lots of photos -- some very personal.

In the long run, Joi emerges as a sweet, loving, charismatic woman in this book, whatever her shortcomings. You can see her prominently in many classic films, notably Orson Welles' Touch of Evil (1958), A Hole in the Head with Frank Sinatra (1959) and as the woman who waves goodbye to her astronaut boyfriend right on the launch pad as his rocket blasts off, in the camp favorite, Queen of Outer Space (''58). Joi was always so close to blast-off herself but never quite launched. Thank you, Alexis Hunter for this great, stirring story.

Available on Amazon & fine book stores everywhere.


  1. Hi, Buddy. I was always a Fan of Miss Lansing, and actually got to see her up-close-and-personal when she came to my hometown (Lodi, NJ) to do a fundraiser. It was in the late 1950's and WOW! Was SHE ever BEAUTIFUL! I'll never forget how she waved and smiled so sweetly at all of us, when she came out of our High School Gym exit; forget about THAT escape route staying a secret for very long! Yet, with those simple but sincere aforementioned gestures, she left all of us-especially the Guys, young or old-with such a beautiful memory. I just got the Book in the Mail yesterday, and am going to start reading it in a little while......I can't wait!

  2. Enjoy it! It's a well-written one for sure.