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Monday, August 17, 2015

Exclusive Q&A: Catching Up with Larry Costa

Buddy Beaverhausen: Hi, Larry! So good to talk with you again. You have so much going on with your career that I felt it was time to catch up. First, tell us about your new album, Crooner.
Larry Costa: Yes, I agree, I have so much news to share that it is perfect timing for us to connect again. I have been working on the album Crooner. Crooner has a collection of songs from the American Songbook, plus one original song, “A Time For You And Me”, written by JR Bryan. The experience of putting this album together was fantastic. A live orchestra was used for the recordings and the vibe is a modern Latin feel which was influenced from my time that I lived in Brazil. The ocean breeze, the mountains, and the local flavor is reflected in this album. I suggest listening to Crooner while driving a convertible a sundown.

BB: What is the sci-fi film you were recently in where you played a scientist trying to save the planet. And from what exactly?
LC: Funny you should ask. There are actually two films that are coming out soon in the sci-fi genre. First we have E-19 virus, the entire planet gets wiped out except for a few kids and zombies. I play a scientist who is attempting to assist with the development of the anti-virus. Do I succeed in saving the planet? I can't say, but I will tell you to watch my last scene very closely or you will miss what happens next! Yummy! Next, we have Apex Rising, this film is an epic, two years in the making. I fly planes, I sing a song, I fight zombies, I save the world (maybe) all while looking great as CIA Agent Brandon.

BB: Didn't you recently do a sitcom pilot, playing a dad? Tell us about that.
LC: This pilot is for CBS, I cannot divulge the plot, or the name, or when it is coming out, or anything really, due to a confidentiality agreement that I signed, but I can say that it's the first time I was Dad to a teenage boy. Which brings me to the real life news that I am in the process of adopting a teenager through the foster care system. The process is long and extensive and I had a few bumps in the road, but nothing I could not overcome. I'm looking forward to the final day when I can open my home and life to this wonderful teenager that needs a chance in life.

BB: What's this project from PBS I understand you're a part of?
LC: The project is still under wraps, but this is a documentary that is following the lives of a few up and coming actors in New York City. Over the course of ten months, with bi-weekly video updates, we see what actors go through today to gain recognition and make a living in entertainment. The interesting change in the way that actors take control of their career is so different these days compared to about 10 or so years ago is that each one can be his/her own agent, marketing pro, booker, and manager. We are one stop shopping for career advancement.

BB:Pretty full plate. What else might be on it?
LC: There is a really cool TV show coming out soon, again, I can not say the title or plot, but I can say that I am in good company with Jane Hagerty (Tommie Hilfiger's neice), and Casey Bartolucci of Larry Ravioli fame, and you will be seeing me sing with puppets and Barbra Streisand (or not Barbra Streisand). Watch and find out! Additionally, I am working on two new albums, a Christmas album and an original song album that should be out next year.

BB: Am I right that I read something about you and Liz Taylor's jewelry?
LC: Im impressed that you found out about this. Back in the day, I was an undercover agent working for insurance companies, Liz was celebrating her 60th birthday at Disney. Her jewelry was stolen and I was responsible for finding out what happened. Not only did I find the jewelry, but I had to go to Mexico to get it. It was such a crazy case, everyone was really uptight and on edge. I did get a nice ring as a thank you from Liz though.

BB: If you had to choose between a career in acting or one in singing, which would it be?
LC: Although I love both mediums of entertainment, I would have to choose singing. Acting is wonderful, but there is something more about singing. Singing is acting. I tell the story through song and I get a “release” from my soul when I complete a song. I bring emotion to the table and tell it like it is. Singing completes me.

BB: Did you get to relax at all this summer?
LC: Wait a minute, did summer start yet? I haven't had one minute to myself this year. I did travel a lot doing appearances, so, when I have to fly out, I consider the time on the airplane as my quiet time, but then I start thinking again and come up with five more things I have to add to my To Do list.

BB: Larry, we're looking forward to Crooner. What do you think sets this apart from previous albums you've done? And how many have you recorded now?
LC: Crooner is now available for digital download or physical cds shipped to you directly from the record label. Crooner is number four in the lineup of albums. I had such a great time putting this together, especially with the live big band and arrangements. The songs are covers of classic tunes but the music gives it a breath of fresh air. The artistic cover and album art was shoot from famed photographer Barbara Sklar in Warwick NY. We set up camp at a wonderful eatery called Grappa for the photo shoot. I suggest if you live anywhere nearby to stop in and tell them Larry sent you. I can also tell you that the first three albums will no longer be available for purchase, when Crooner goes global distribution in November of this year, so if you have an earlier album. hold on to it, might be collectors items in the future. You can check out free songs and the album art at
and you can watch the TV commercial here:

BB: How's Larry Ravioli?
LC: Oh how I love Larry Ravioli! He was one of the most fun characters I have ever played. The cast and crew were wonderful to work with and I learned so much on that set. At present, I am in talks with Hulu for a short series, but I have to admit that I might be dead before this happens, everything takes forever in this business. Larry Ravioli needs to see the light of day and shared with the world, he is the poor man's James Bond that the audience roots for and ultimately he lets everyone down. He just cant help being so adorably lost and out of the loop.

BB: Any last shout-outs?
I just want to thank you, my friend, for the opportunity to do this interview with you. I love what I do and I love all of the people I have met along the way. We are all friends and I feel the love.
I also want to mention that I am also a published author with two books sold globally so far and I thought you guys might like to have a look and see what they are all about. The first book is
MASSAGE MIND AND BODY by Penguin/ DK and the other is REVERSING THE INVISIBLE PERSON COMPLEX. These can be found in stores and on the internet. So, until next time, I wish you well and let's make some magic!

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