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Saturday, August 22, 2015

On the Town with Buddy Beaverhausen: David Meulemans at the Metropolitan Room

It was a copacetic night at the cabaret when David Meulemans performed at the Metropolitan Room with more than just pennies from heaven. Tonight's show was entitled "Lucky to Be Me." "Lucky" was not as plucky, duckies, as it sounds but that was all for the best. For example, David sang a very moving and heartfelt rendition of the classic "Since You Stayed Here." We can be grateful for the tears, too, if they teach us to move on.

The theme of the show was about showing appreciation for all that one has. David's patter was largely amusing and autobiographical in nature, and his singing was flawlessly on pitch and strong, showcasing his professional training as a vocalist.

Tonight's show was directed by Sally Mayes who seemed to bring an energetic spirit to the show that moved it along briskly. David's band consisted of musical director Tex Arnold on piano and Bob Renino on bass.

"Pennies from Heaven" was indeed the opening number, followed by "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries," songs most of the audience was familiar with. It moved into less common ground with the stunning ode to his son (an openly gay man, David was previously in a heterosexual marriage, which he briefly discusses), "Extraordinary" and the campy "Nothing On But the Radio," a song involving Marilyn Monroe and... Burt Reynolds!

The Gershwin/Weil "Tchaikovsky" is flawlessly rendered, a difficult number originally done by Danny Kaye, and no easy feat for a singer to say the least. Of course, no show about gratitude would be complete without "Count Your Blessings."

David sensitively sang John Bucchino's "Grateful" for his encore. This show is the kind of wry, sophisticated cabaret we need more of. If you missed out on tonight's performance, David announced he will return at the Metropolitan Room for a four-gig residency. Don't miss out!

Many thanks to press agent Richard Skipper for inviting me to this event.

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